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The art of Princess Hijab

"The veil is a thing of secrets and the hidden, of neo black". I like Princess Hijab's art interventions. I like the aesthetics, the ambivalence, the appropriation of advertising, the ambiguity.


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Black hole (short film version)

Rupert Sanders has made an atmospheric, eerie, NSFW short film adaptation of Charles Burns' cult comic Black Hole.


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The self-portraiture of Kristamas Klousch

Kristamas Klousch's self-portraits are dark and enchanting, and dangerous and whimsical, and gothic fairylike.

Kristamas Klousch.jpg

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Photoshop surgery

PSFK writes about the trend among young, photoshop savvy, Chinese women to doctor out blemishes and carry out blepharoplasty on their online photos.


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Politics & pop in Indonesia

Resistance to fundamentalism in Indonesia gets raunchy as pop singer Julia Belen enters the political arena.


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Villa Germania (a photoessay)

Verena Brandt takes a look at the lives of German pensioners in Thailand in Villa Germania.


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Go Chic's I am confused

Listening to Taiwanese electro-pop-punk band Go Chic debut album from cheap headphones plugged in to my Mac on a rainy London afternoon. And liking it.


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The Idoru from the Isle of Man

So there's this teenage girl from the Isle of Man who discovers anime and starts dancing to Japanese pop songs in manga garb in her bedroom and uploading videos to YouTube, and she gets loads of hits and ends up an idol in Japan.

The story of 14-year-old Rebecca Flint aka Beckii Cruel makes for a fascinating documentary. And mundane reality finds its own uses for things, to paraphrase William Gibson, as an idoru comes into being in a kid's bedroom in British suburbia. Fantastic.

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