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The art of Clunie Reid

Was wandering around feeling rather underwhelmed by part one of Newspeak - Saatchi's latest collection of British art - until I came across Clunie Reid's work covering two walls.

With the art of appropriation of a Richard Prince and the rebelliousness of a Jaime Reid, the contemporaneity of her collages slashes out at celebrity & consumer culture with a sharp eye and gift for juxtaposed compositions united by gaffer tape and marker pen. And scissors and great wit. Cool stuff.


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The Whitecross street party

From Mutate Britain comes the Whitecross street party in London later this month.


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The ants: China's young educated underclass

From study to slum:

"The number of college graduates in China is growing far faster than the number of white-collar jobs in major cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Young people who thought higher education would lead to high-paying jobs and chic apartments are instead cramming by the tens-of-thousands into slums near the IT districts where they seek jobs in computing and programming. The new aspiring professionals are known as "ants" because of both their eagerness to work and a willingness to cram together in poor living conditions."


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H-bomb in outer space

Oh, the horrendous optimism of "Rainbow Bomb Parties" on the rooftops and verandas of Honolulu hotels, as an H-bomb goes off in outer space in 1962.


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