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Wealth & money (a vertical diptych)

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The American Apparel rummage riot


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Yesterday is so 317 updates ago

This is the creative that we are running on billboards across urban India, as part of the current INQ campaign.

The brief to Euro RSCG was to convey the look of a new India and capture the cultural changes introduced by social networking and online communications.

The photography is by Bharat Sikka, one of the stars of India's new art scene, and a careful and poetic observer of the transformations affecting his country in the 21St Century.


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Richard Prince's T-shirt paintings: hippie punk

RP_T Shirt Painting small19.JPG.jpeg

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Avatar Days

Avatar Days is a video portrait of four online gamers, with their in-game characters placed against the backdrop of the urban landscape and the workspaces they inhabit.


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Dennis Hopper (a diptych)


(right-hand image found here)

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No Fun

Timely, topical and terribly telling.This is hardcore. True 21st Century art. Tip of the hypermedia hat to Eva and Franco Mattes for No Fun.


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Mall farming

Turning dead mall space into organic farmland:

"The Galleria Mall in Cleveland, Ohio is leading the way by growing organic food for mall patrons and local restaurants. The mall has transformed the lost retail space within its glass-top confines into a gigantic, organic-food greenhouse. The idea sprouted when the mallís marketing and events coordinator Vicky Poole teamed up with Jack Hamilton, a business owner in the Galleria. Together they began operating Gardens Under Glass, a hydroponic garden in the Galleria at Erieview in downtown Cleveland. The project is funded by a $30,000 start-up grant from the Civic Innovation Lab."


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Cindy Gallop's black apartment

The location, in the former locker room of an old YMCA in NYC, is glorious. Cindy Gallop's black apartment - with its neon lights, eclectic art and shoes on show - is the dandified den of a 21st Century bonne vivante. Talking to Dwell, this is how she described the brief: ďWhen night falls, I want to feel like Iím in a bar in Shanghai.Ē


(top + bottom images sourced here - middle one a video still)

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