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Lady Gaga - Telephone (chartroulette version)


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Nikola Tamindzic's fauxlaroids

Nikola Tamindzic, of Home of the Vain, keeps a phonecam diary: fauxlaroids.


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Lady Gaga GIF


(found here)

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The ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye (the film)


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Makmende - the first Kenyan meme


Is this the first internet meme from kenya?

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I'm here - a short film in an absolut world

I'm here - a love story in an absolut world is a short film by Spike Jonze for the vodka brand. It's worth a watch, but I was more intrigued by the intro and its integration with Facebook connect.

I am here.png

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Nieves Books


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Curating Etsy (La Casa Gialla Style)

Marianna, my beautiful passionate soul mate, has just curated European Treasure - her first treasury on Etsy.


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SpongeBob silk scarf from Les Ateliers Ruby


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Magazine Library


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0-100 Editions


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Delhi drives


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Kaugummi Books


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The photography of Fernando Montiel Klint

Drenched in colour and detail, superbly staged, and strong on story. The images of Fernando Montiel Klint.


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Jeremy Dean's Back to the Futurama

Going back to the future with Jeremy Dean in a horse-drawn Hummer.


(via pbeeker)

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Lagerfeld's books (part 3)

My fascination with Karl Lagerfeld and his books (see here & here) continues with this revealing self-portrait taken in front of his library that opens this interview by Bruce LaBruce for Vice magazine:

"Lagerfeld is a study in perpetual motion, tirelessly darting between creative endeavors while devouring both history and the ephemeral present, the zeitgeist. A voracious reader and observer of life through books and popular culture, he filters the world into his couture and other creative outlets like a sort of supercomputer".

In the interview, Lagerfeld expresses an admiration for porn. I admire his voracity for the possession of the printed form.


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Sex, lies & the internet

This is the creative of an INQ campaign that ran in a series of Italian magazines at the start of the year. The copy reads: "Sex, lies & the internet. Love in the age of Facebook, Twitter and instant email with the new INQ Chat 3G".


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Brand new box (2 & 3)

Following on with the philosophy applied to the first INQ box, the INQ+ART curated box project continued with the amazing artwork of Alberto Cerriteņo and Matt Huynh.


Also collaborated with a host of other great illustrators on the help cards that take the place of the user manual. You can check them out here.

And on the subject of remixed packaging, Claudia the Panda has a post on why the INQ Mini 3G is cool, while Green-Hughes muses on how if the INQ Chat 3G was a person it would be an art student.

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Are You INQ? (Autumn '09 international campaign)

Following on from my previous post, thought I'd share some of the recent work I've been involved in as brand head at INQ. Last Autumn, we launched our new range of Social Mobiles across a series of European and Asian countries with a campaign called "Are You INQ?". Here's some highlights:

In Singapore, a pop-up space outside Ngee Ann City mall in Orchard Road brought art and music to the people strolling down this landmark avenue.


In Stockholm, the INQ Mini 3G was presented to the media in a tattoo parlour with INQ+ART illustrations on the walls, and ads on MTV.


In Milan, I took this picture. In a city where the walls are awash in tags, did this graffiti make a piece of creative conceived in London very much part of the local urban fabric?


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INQ in India

I don't usually blog about my work at INQ, but after months of working like crazy, flying in and out of Delhi, devouring books and Bollywood movies, feasting on street and shop iconography, it's a pleasure to announce the launch of INQ in India. Lots of exciting stuff to follow.

India Cred deck-1.jpg

(image courtesy of Meena Kadri)

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Beatrice Morabito's Oyster Dreams

The passion for portraiture and the sense of stylised storytelling that Beatrice Morabito brings to the work she does with dolls is so sophisticated.

beatrice morabito.jpg

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The amazing animated GIFs of Jaime Martinez



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Lady Gaga - Telephone

Lady Gaga's Telephone is terrifically trashy in a Tarantino-like way with LaChapelle lurid colours and unapologetic product placements.


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How many billboards?


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The sounds of Terry Poison

From Tel Aviv, via Oslo and Paris, Terry Poison deliver cosmopolitan electro-pop beats.


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The videos of Miikka Lommi

Smutty & strange. the videos of Miika Lommi.


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Black sunshine

If that psychotropic substance commonly called coffee were illegal, in the web fantasy of a manic marketeer. It's black sunshine, 100% organic.

black sunshine.jpg

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The photography of Jason Lee

Jason Lee captures the faces, places & spaces that drive the mythopoeia at the heart of the American guttersnipe dream.


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Portrait of a bookstore as an old man


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