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Elena Dorfman's Still Lovers

In Still Lovers Elena Dorfman explores the relationship between men (and women) and their hyper-realistic dolls. Beguiling.


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Two paths

I've quoted from William Dalrymple's "Nine Lives" before. It's a great book, full of gems, like this one:

"Hinduism has always held that there are many paths to God. Yet for many centuries there has been a central tension between the ascetic and the sensual. The poet-prince Bhartrihari of Ujjain, who probably lived in the fourth century AD, oscillated no fewer than seven times between the rigours of monastic renunciation and the abandon of the courtly sensualist. 'There are two paths,' he wrote. 'The devotion of the sage, which is lovely because it overflows with the nectarous waters of the knowledge of truth' and 'the lusty undertaking of touching with one's palm that hidden part in the firm laps of lovely limbed women, with great expanses of breasts and thighs'. 'Tell us decisively which we ought to attend upon?' he asks in the Shringarashataka: 'The sloping sides of the mountains in the wilderness? Or the buttocks of a woman abounding in passion?'"

Or as William Blake once wrote: "The nakedness of woman is the work of God."

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The illustrations of Vania Zouravliov