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On twitter, alas

I've succumbed. You can find me perched on twitter here.

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Elisabeth McGrath's dioramas


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Karl Lagerfeld's books

Some time ago there was this throwaway comment in Vogue that Karl Lagerfeld had 60,000 volumes in his library. Have wanted to find out what kind of books ever since. This documentary, in six parts, does not answer my curiosity explicitly, but provides plenty of clues to his appetites (and if you make it to the silent "audio disabled by copyright" part six, you find out the the books are 30,000, but still...)


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Brand new box

Reinterpreting packaging. Promoting ongoing usage. Making cardboard into a mass market gallery wall: the INQ¹ box.


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The Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton QR code


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Is this your luggage?

The web's little synchronicities: as I chase BA to find out what has happened to our lost luggage, I come across this site.


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The photography of Alex Prager

Staged, saturated in colour, drenched in cinematic reference, hyper-modern in their retro feel - the images of Alex Prager.


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Johnny Swing's nickel couch


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The art of Miss Bugs

I like the humor infusing the pop culture and art appropriations that run through the work of Miss Bugs.


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Switchblades & lips


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