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The art of Tinho


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Tarantino's mind (a short film)

Tarantino's mind: cinephile arcana as short film from Brazilian directing duo 300ml

tarantino mind.png


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The love story of Lady Jaye Breyer and Genesis P-Orridge

Art and alchemy. Performance and pandrogeny. Identity and investigation. Gender and the grand love story of Lady Jaye Breyer and Genesis P-Orridge.



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Phillip Toledano's days with his father

Days with my father by Phillip Toledano is a work of rare intensity and universal intimacy. It is terribly touching. A labour of love, in the truest sense. A marvelous memento made of text and images and the human heart.



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Urban vertical farms


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It's always six o'clock


It's always six o'clock is the latest project from 0100101110101101.ORG.

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The music of Tying Tiffany

I want to be your mp3.




By Tying Tiffany.

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The photography of Danilo Pasquali

There's a real freshness in the fetish photography of Danilo Pasquali. And the backgrounds, the details in some shots are so intimately Italian.


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An interview with Aldous Huxley

In my early teens there were three writers which I devoured and that kicked off my reading adventures and fed my thinking: George Orwell, Hermann Hesse and Aldous Huxley.

Decades of thought and thousands of books later, I recently picked Nicholas Murray's biography of the latter. This is how he introduces Aldous:

"His life was a constant search for light, for understanding, of himself and his fellow men and women in the twentieth century. This intellectual ambition - not unknown but rare in English novelist - sent him far beyond the confines of prose fiction into history, philosophy, science, politics, mysticism, psychic exploration. He offered as his personal motto the legend hung around the neck of a ragged scarecrow of a man in a painting by Goya: aun aprendo. I am still learning."

Today, thanks to Bruce Eisner, I watched this incredibly prescient interview with Huxley dating back to 1958. From the decline of politics into personality, oil running out, and his thoughts on the shape of future dictatorships, this is well worth watching.


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The future is unwritten

Watched The Future is Unwritten the other night, Julian Temple's marvelous & moving documentary on the life of Joe Strummer.

The film ends with the words that spoken at the start of his rendition of Redemption Song.

Cherish & change.


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Worlde is an terrific toy for generating lovely word clouds. Here are my del.icio.us tags.


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The 21st century ninja dandy bullet-proof handkerchief

The first bullet-proof gentlemenís pocket square, offered solely in military grade lemon Kevlar Aramid.



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Drilling anti-terror


(remixed image found here - via)

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Punk-loving robots pogo

Punk-loving robots pogo for science at the ICA in London this weekend.

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Saga de Xam (1967)

saga de xam.jpg

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Philippe Starck's 'Democratic Ecology' wind turbine


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Suicide girl by Natasja Fourie


(The photography of Natasja Fourie - via)

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China dolls

Cheap plastic dolls never looked so precious as in this photo set by Colodio.

china dolls.png

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Eat different

Food exotica from Edible.


Related: Eat more insects, scientists say.

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Skate Study House


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RFID aesthetics

Ping mag on the hidden aesthetics of RFID tags.


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Frontiers of Interaction

Big thanks to Leandro Agro' for inviting me to speak at Frontiers of Interaction IV and to all the production team for putting on such a great event. The line-up was inspiring, from Bruno Argento (aka Bruce Sterling) to David "openspime" Orban, via Elisabeth Churchill and Nicolas Nova, among others.

You can check out the videos here.

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