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EMA: eternal, maiden, actualization


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The art of Ronzo

Online. On the streets. On the tube.


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Paul Robertson's illustrations



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The baby mainframe

Bruce Sterling points to a photo that has been found of the great grandfather of modern computers:

"This is the first known photograph of the great grandfather of modern digital computers - a room sized, one ton jumble of wiring, valves and racks that was 640 million times less powerful than its descendant, the pocket-sized iPod."


This is millennia ago in technology terms, but only 60 years in human terms.

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The photography of Aldo Sperber


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Lust, gluttony & other porcelains

There's classical allusion, contemporary sensibility and an eighteenth century libertine spirit in Chris Antemann's porcelains. Utterly beguiling.


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Decadence, all shimmering in purple and gold

Thanks to the eclectic erudition of Jahsonic, comes this black pearl from Paul Verlaine:

I love this word decadence, all shimmering in purple and gold. It suggests the subtle thoughts of ultimate civilization, a high literary culture, a soul capable of intense pleasures. It throws off bursts of fire and the sparkle of precious stones. It is redolent of the rouge of courtesans, the games of the circus, the panting of the gladiators, the spring of wild beasts, the consuming in flames of races exhausted by their capacity for sensation, as the tramp of an invading army sounds.

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Los Rumbers - flamenco breaks

Mash-up Sevilla style: Los Rumbers mix flamenco samples with hip hop beats.


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The Brides (Rome Pride 2008)


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Sonny J - Handsfree

sonny J.png

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Alien ants are running amok in Texas, eating electronics

Billions of electronic-eating 'crazy rasberry ants' invade Texas:

"billions of tiny reddish-brown ants have arrived onshore from a cargo ship and are hell-bent on eating anything electronic. Computers, burglar alarm systems, gas and electricity meters, iPods, telephone exchanges all are considered food by the flea-sized ants, for reasons that have left scientists baffled."


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