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Make love not war (a toy composition)


(From the Toygiants book - via)

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Criminal vibrations


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Calvera - the isolation of the rare dead neutron star


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(Assembled from images found at a soviet poster a day - via)

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Father Yod & the Source Family



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Meditation for avatars


Non-chat chat - meditation for avatars:

"is an artistic experiment based on an online community network whose participants (computers) process Mantras and send them through the Internet. The members of Meditation for Avatars donate processor time for a common purpose they meditate to raise our level of consciousness.

OM shanti shanti shanti."


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The Osaka love thieves

The Great Happiness Space - Tale of an Osaka Love Thief is a great documentary. Sad, sassy, strong in storyline, never simple. It overflows like the overpriced champagne that runs throughout the film with bubbles of universally recognisable behaviour bottled in the super specific setting of a Japanese host bar.

Sharp suits, sex, exploitation, great haircuts, ultra-urban interiors, cute smiles, loneliness, acid rain, money and love.

Cuddle up to your laptop and watch it here.



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The metamorphosis of Sabrina Sabrok



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Sunday is the deadliest day in LA

The Los Angeles Times homicide map.

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Retail living

Honeymoon at Ikea. Get jailed in a shop.

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Battle cries, Jesus muzik & evil blenders on GodTube


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Mammal extinction and bacterium rebirth

The Yangtze dolphin is dead and gone. The eight-million-year-old bug is alive and growing.

If, as the local fishermen once believed, the Yangtze dolphins were the reincarnation of drowned pricesses, who is now being reincarnated in ancient antartic bacterium?

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Jamie Hewlett meets Jimmyjane


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