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The map is not the Big Mac

A map of the world defined by the number of McDonalds restaurants in 2004.



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The map is not the community


(gracias antonio!)

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Postcard from April

April was the cruelest month, streaked by stress, studded with uncut diamonds.

Trembling zeros and ones caught in a digital memory loop.

Mashup desires and more. Masses of moments so brilliant and delightful.

And the earliest summer being a Campari-red breeze running through Battersea park.

Viola is the colour. 10 on 20, glorious in 23 volumes.

Flightpath across melting alpine ice. Fear. Fruitful. Physical. Immaterial. Immanent.

Lakeside on Lago Maggiore. Covent Garden at dusk. Heathrow Terminal 2.

Migrating and mutating. Making.

More of me.

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