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Locked in love: a hug on the walls of Rome


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Locked in love: a hug from Neolithic times



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Beirut drive-by

The winner of this year's World Press Photo Award is a picture taken by US photographer Spencer Platt on 15 August 2006 - the first day of the ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah - in a bombed-out street of South Beirut.

World Press Photo of the Year_745x345x90.jpg

It is a tremendous image, adding fault lines and divisions to those imposed by borders and wars. A kaleidoscope of meaning buried by the rubble. The comfortable and the not-so-comfortable heading off in different directions. Sunglasses, naked shoulders and an immaculate white T-shirt. Distance, safety, exposure and removal. So unflinching in its glamour. So softcore as warporn. Drive-by tourism, the spectacle is made real by a texting hand and the camera of a media man. A cloud of dust above the shiny red car. As spotless as blood. They head home.

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Video capture

Helmet-cams & taser-cams.

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Gomma Tv

There are audio, video and visual fragments of Italy's punk past to be found at Gomma Tv.


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One love, so many guns

Why is Bob Marley so loved by the violent ones?


(From Portraits of violence: the gangs of Port Moresby and suicide bombers in Gaza - by Stephen Dupont and Kristen Ashburn)

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