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"Instead of adopting Rimbaud's gospel, The time of the assassins has come, young people would do better to remember the phrase Love must be reinvented. The world accepts dangerous experiments in the realm of art because it does not take art seriously; but it condemns them in life."

(Taken from Jean Cocteau's the white paper)

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Flickeur is a Flash flaneur wearing Flickr shoes.


(Thanks elmer for showing me the work of quasimondo)

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London called

Apologies for the sudden silence on this space. Changes in geographical location and much work have directed effort and energy elsewhere. Normal transmissions may resume shortly.

Back in London for the next few months, with radio free clash frequencies running through the neural iPod that is my mind. Have been catching the 19 bus to work, which happens to be by the river, and couldn't work out why its number made me smile. Till the other morning, dressed in a brown cashmere coat, I suddenly thought I was missing a pork-pie hat. Which is when it hit me: Rudy can't fail!

But here I am writing all middle-aged and strumming quotations from my cultural past, when the present is brimming with precious life.

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