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Situationist spaces, Bangkok


(danke sum1!)

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Sex magick major arcana collages



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Han Bing walks the cabbage


"In 2000, Han Bing began his first major interrogation of the meaning of ordinary practice and our proprietary relationships to the material world with his ongoing performance of "Walking the Cabbage." On streets all across China, from his home village to Tiananmen Square, from the Yunnanese minority village of Dali in China's Southwest, to the Westernized Bund in Shanghai, Han Bing walks his cabbage—the quintessential Chinese comfort food of common folk—on a leash, challenging dominant conceptions of normal, everyday practice, sparking contentious debates in the arts world, in society, and across the Internet, about the meaning of a young man walking a cabbage on a leash, and what this act says about the state of contemporary society."

(more here - via Regine)

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Hermetic pink

In her latest video Pink reads Hermetic philosophy and alchemy - a suggestive inquiry into the hermetic mystery.

Not wanting to read too much into this - please pardon poor pun - but at least it makes a welcome change from the usual Crowley reference that pops up when pop dresses esoteric.



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Totò is not blue


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Tentacles of desire (une petite histoire)


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The photos of Sam Bassett



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The illustrations of Shanghai design duo Perk.



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Disney surveillance


By Mateo Mate. Via Valentina Tanni.

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I see u



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Five frame stories

Tell a story in 5 frames - visual story telling on Flickr, found here.

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The mural is the mandala


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Brothels of Nevada (a book)

The makeshift architecture captured under the neon night. The interior design formulated in formica and freaky fashions. The porcelains in Madam Barbara's room. The gates and wire fencing and bars. The barren landscapes. The emptiness. The red nylon carpets. Timers. Stones and souvenir shops and racks of shoes.

Brothels of Nevada is never titillation, transmogrifying instead its candid views of America's legal sex industry (as the subtitle reads) into a journey through the boudoirs of the human condition.

With empathic detachment Timothy Hursley's photographic investigations reveal the flimsiness of existence via a voyeuristic attention to artifacts. The only humans featured are two hookers at the keyboards of the internet lounge at Sheri's Ranch (and two pairs of legs in a parlor).

The opening image a list of the "rules of the house" metaphysically terrifying in its random authority.


A marvelous book.

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The paintings of Casey Weldon


(thanks Suzanne G.)

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The gizmondo is your oyster

Rare Ferraris wrapped round poles at 194mph, anti-terrorism badges, gaming consoles, Swedish mafia roots, missing millions, and a massive Scarface poster:

Gizmondo's spectacular crack-up as told by Wired.


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Wanna supersize to 2.0?


David Armano describes drive thru marketing.

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The mash & remix news

Prodi rap and Miami attack on YouTube.

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Zapatero's seat (fact and fiction in videoland)

Levantate Zp (stand-up Zapatero) is a 4.16 minute video of DIY action-packed footage featuring four hooded hepcats who break into the Spanish Parliament and steal the Prime Minister's chair as a call against world poverty.

A symbolic act told thanks to a camcorder, a blog and a global distribution video channel/repository. The cross-media effects have been fiercer than the malicious forest fires that regularly burn across the Iberian peninsula each recent summer.

Is it real?

This is a recurring question. It was at the heart of the loneygirl15 saga. It drove the comments of this video of guns and cars and a camcorder.

Is it false?

The current scenario around authenticity is remindful of the birth of the novel, when stories were framed as fragments of reality.

From Defoe to Survivor, who is actually on the island?

But back to Levantate Zp. I first read about it on Granieri's blog, and immediately checked out the blog of Spain's most web-minded journalist to find out more.

It turned out to be a guerrilla ad. And a brilliant one at that. Which begs the question:

Is the mixing of fact and fiction in our newly inhabited digital videoland defining the traits of new formats of storytelling, of sense-making, of the portrayal of reality?

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The dashed line in information design


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