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Uber attack on biodiversity

Earth facing 'catastrophic' loss of species:

"Destruction of natural habitats and the effects of climate change are causing species to die out at 100 to 1,000 times faster than the natural rate, leading some scientists to warn we are facing the next mass extinction.

Nearly one-quarter of the world's mammals, one-third of amphibians and more than one-tenth of bird species are threatened with extinction. Climate change alone is expected to force a further 15%- 37% of species to the brink of extinction within the next 50 years."


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Brain-computer sensor interface


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The Zidane Materazzi remix bonanza

There are no acts, only remixes (to paraphrase Nietzsche).


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Birthday gift (China personal)


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Birthday card (China political)


According to Danwei the Chinese Communist Party sent this MMS animation as part of its 85th anniversary celebrations. Here's a snippet of the text sent to mobile phones:

"Singing The East is Red, we get ourselves together and stand up It's spring time, we're reforming and opening up And we're gonna get rich!"
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Vintage wrestlers



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