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The art of Chantal Michel



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Exene Cerveka's collages



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Werner Amann photography



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Je joue

Is this the first pleasure remix social software sex toy?


(more info)

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Keitai girl


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Editing fashion

Editing fashion applies remix culture to a couture setting. The SHOWstudio project, featuring footage from John Galliano's Spring/Summer '06 collections show, offers:

"a package of source material –including exclusive film footage shot by Nick Knight and a selection of possible soundtracks by guest artists- that may be downloaded and edited by SHOWstudio Viewers. Viewers are asked to make an edit from the material provided, lasting up to two minutes. By keeping the source material the same in all cases, the emphasis is place on the individual editor’s approach and authorship. The finished films can then uploaded onto SHOWstudio from mid-January 2006, to be screened in the Viewers’ Cut gallery."



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Making the empire cross



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The smiling march of eternal progress


(image found here)

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Hasta siempre online banking


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A tech-enabled profession (vintage style)


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Apocalypse brain (& happy days)

My mind keeps recalling this paragraph I read the other day, unsure of its conclusion:

"Survival in a time of adversity forged our brains into a persistent mould. Professor Seligman says: "Because our brain evolved during a time of ice, flood and famine, we have a catastrophic brain. The way the brain works is looking for what's wrong. The problem is, that worked in the Pleistocene era. It favoured you, but it doesn't work in the modern world."

Elsewhere in the article, someone asks: Has anyone found a causal link between happiness and health?

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Life / screens / wall


(images 1 2 & 3 by the blogger in Barcelona @ 3GSM)

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