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Four photographers


Nazif Topçuoğlu.


Gareth McConnell.


Hong Lei.


Lise Sarfati.

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Wish you weren't here - a postcard from hell


(images: 1 & 2 - thank you Ignacio)

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Love is a sacrament that should be taken kneeling

I thought I'd go tabloid and post this paragraph from The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde:

"Oscar was fond - very fond - of oral sex, and there are many testimonies to his fondness for 'performing certain operations with his mouth', as one of the witnesses against him tactfully termed it. Laurence Housman, the brother of the poet, spoke of Oscar's predilection for what he called 'pollution labiale, while Bosie's father, the Marquis of Queensberry, was rather more to the point, when he said of Oscar, 'That man is a cock sucker.' André Raffalovich was also direct, asserting that Oscar 'practiced penis-sucking and paid delivery boys to let themselves be worshipped in this fashion'. Sucking cocks gave him 'inspiration', Oscar said. He told George Ives on several occasions, no doubt with his tongue in his cheek, that 'Love is the sacrament that should be taken kneeling.'"

(McKenna, London 2004, p.248-9)

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The photography of Anoush Abrar & Aimée Hoving



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Shoot me if you can (a Korean mobile camera game)



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Kael T Block & the xxboys

xxboys is a visual project: nous sommes des pirates, gender pirates.

Sexy and poetic, innocent and rock'n'roll, celebrative and overflowing in life. It struts like the pride that shines in the eyes of a gitana.

At the same time, like all true songs, it transcends its immediate narrative, the self-sociology of a specific sub-culture, and sings its feelings its questions its vision to all, regardless of gender identity whatever.

Transition and transformation. Delight in developing difference.


"I started by taking pictures of my own transition. 'cause it was reassurant. to see in my pictures what i was seing in my head, what i was seeing in the mirror when i was looking at me. To see me become physically the boy i was. To detail every piece of me that was finally becoming male. my shoulders, my legs, i could almost see my flesh moving. Transition is a very intense part of one's life. it's exitation, and expectations, it's introspection, transformation, harmony, relieve, pure joy... And "trans" is a strong and beautiful identity. What the project about is transboys proud of what they are, "Man" is not my identity, it's taking away all my revolution and my transgression, all my decisions, all my identity. it's not saying everything. I'm a "transman". and proud of it. i had a hard time finding a name that was really fitting me. until i saw Jetson's t-shirt. xxboy. it sounded like a gang's name. it was telling everything in a sexy way. xxboy. as sexy as my experience of the transition was. as sexy as my experience of the transition is." (Kael T Block)


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Pets (a diptych)
pet1.jpg pet2.jpg

(links to images found here and here)

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The pin-ups of Amy Rivera



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Real estate in virtual worlds

Democracy Island as 3-D wiki:

"Democracy Island may sound like a remote location for the next episode of a reality TV series, but it's actually a three-dimensional testing ground inside an online virtual world called Second Life... funded by a $50,000 grant from the International Center for Automated Information Research to the New York Law School's Institute for Information Law and Policy, which purchased the island from Linden Lab, a private company that created Second Life two years ago."

Virtual property market booming.

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A fire in the heart of Europe



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Digging holes

Eyes are lost circles around a square table. The conditioned air is filled with unfullfilment. A finger is the baton that leads a tone-deaf presentation. All thoughts are going nowhere. A chain gang digging holes in the mind. Another hour is gone.

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Mayumi (lost in self-portrait)



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Grid Blogging revisited

A week or two ago, Samuel Rose over at Smartmobs asked: Whiter Grid-Blogging?. As some may recall, the concept of grid blogging was kick-started right here. I was pleased by this act of blog archaeology, especially as it concentrated on what for me was the main aspect behind the idea - that of being people-centric as opposed to tool-driven:

"It seems like grid-blogging has gotten left in the dust. Meanwhile, blogging software employs new tools, like technorati and and other tags that tie blog subjects together. But, in my opinion, the activity of "Grid-blogging" seems to have the potential to tap into the "wisdom of crowds" even more directly than tagging folksonomies. A grid-blog focuses many minds on a specific topic."

Grid blogging was a humble recognition of the need to explore ways of developing speech patterns for a mutated (me)diasphere. A tactic to offer concerted multiple views on common and/or impelling issues. A way of thinking perspective-rich participatory cluster media in opposition to the oligarchy of poor thought often found in mass media.

After a couple of grids, I let go. A community of Christian blogs adopted grid blogging for faith-based activities, which made sense really and reminded me of how I'd grown up close to the Vatican.

Once I came across a few posts from some guys that had just encountered fatherhood and were having a beta dad grid blog, which I thought was pretty cool. Then I saw this flyer.


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Ennui & stolen jewels

A news story from Genoa. Here's a translation of the opening lines:

"Elegant, rich and bored: the portrait of a 59-year-old genoese woman who got her kicks stealing from a variety of jewellers, hiding the jewellery, worth at least 100K euros, in her knickers. The thefts were discovered thanks to hidden CCTV cameras. When arrested, she confessed: "I tried to enrich my wealthy but boring life as a pensioner with holidays and other kinds of fun, but to no avail. It was no longer enough."


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Gif cacophony
6.gif 4.gif 9.gif

(pilfered here)

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Ben Frost



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A funeral in gamespace


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Today the news reads like the chorus of some ol' punk song:

Addis Ababa.
Buenos Aires.

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