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Mixed links slightly annotated

My apologies for the infrequent posts. I've been wanting to ramp up on writing but that remains wishful thinking right now. So instead, here are some of the things that have caught my attention recently: We are not whales! offers the musings of a (self-defined) African fem on Live8. Which in turn led me to the G8 summit: a fraud and a circus - Pilger is as sharp as ever and his bullshit detector is more fine-tuned than a fender stratocaster; Sex in games: representing and desiring the virtual traces the historical development of sexual themes in videogames, while costume get! is a blog about the fashion and attire of videogame characters; On a more esoteric note, I'm currently reading through the print-out of Unleashing the beast: Aleister Crowley, tantra and sex magic in late Victorian England. Magic and cyberspace is next in line; There's a wiki story of net art with its source wide open on a server somewhere; There's an excellent collection of cover art from the cess-pits of popular print culture to be found at bad mags; I just love David Lynch's daily weather reports; If you read Spanish, there's a fascinating article by Ignacio Escolar on Malverde, the patron saint of drug traffickers; If you read Italian, Arianna Dagnino's new nomads: mutation pioneers, evolutionary cultures, new professions 1996 book can be downloaded as a PDF; If you just want to look at a picture, this one could be called ennui is a jumper knitted in the 30s; Finally, the G8 flickr stream.


(As I no longer remember where I came across most of the links above, I'll extend my thanks to the whole of my blog list for the daily deluge of info, pointers and inspiration)

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