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Saturdalia #2



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Protect your dreams



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Link babylon 3x3
b7.jpg b6.jpg b8.jpg
b4.jpg b3.jpg b5.jpg
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Soldier (a remix diptych)


(left image from the information and apocalypse series by Michael Najjar. Right image from a day in the life of the US armed forces by Laureen Greenfield)

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Pablo Castillo's robot insect sculptures



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The airline bag lounge



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Nuvo: the mobile humanoid


(Made by Zmp - via)

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Tomer Hanuka's illustrations


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Be magic

Embrace fear. Ride it like a witch's broom.

Fly your fancies. Allow your kundalini to flow.

Caress your thoughts. Act seditious.

Make sex subversive.

Howl your pleasure at the moon.

Be realistic, demand magic.

Today. Play.


(image by Svetlana Bakushina - via)

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Gone in a flash

First I read a rather apocalyptic article about oil running out (with this near-ecstatic gem of a closing line "Years from now, when we hear singing at all, we will hear ourselves, and we will sing with our whole hearts."). Then I saw this 1930s Italian advert for a long-gone petrol brand called Lampo (flash/lightning). Some things just drive a wry smile.


(image from David Levine's wonderful collection of euro travel ephemera from the '20s and '30s - via. Link to article found here.)

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The pillory table


(Thanks Bev!)

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The liquid snowflake is defiant

Drips and drops of time rain days that streak the skin; the changing geography of body across the mountains and the plains of months and years.

Each droplet rests as a deliciously daring delight on the tip of the tongue before evaporating.

Liquid snowflakes that defy an equatorial sun.

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Cao Fei's willfully alienated superhero China youths

After colliding with Cao Fei's work earlier today, my thoughts keep stretching back, like elastigirl, to her pictures.

So now to be atemporal. How do you say cool in the city of Guangzhou?


(click on each image for larger view)

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There are days when I feel as I were a wired Woody Allen wildly worrying about hypothetical health hazards. Those that pockmark our contemporary history, our daily meta-psyche. And I ask myself: has my hypochondria been hijacked by information?

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The Euro Precariat May Day 2005 poster


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No longer paying attention?

"Everybody's running around, looking at their Bloomberg, looking at the latest quotes, answering everything. They're pouncing on every bit of stimulation as if it's going to make a big difference. And they have no strategy, or their strategy changes every day.They're all running around, working their tails off. But they're really at the whim of the market. They think they're working hard, and they think they're being productive, but they're not. They're busy, but they're not thoughtful."


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Franz Schnaas' wrist works



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Le dernier cri



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