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Serpica Naro: the great fashion hoax

A young Anglo-Japanese designer took part at last week's Fashion Week in Milan. Serpica Naro is her name. From online interviews to press releases, it was only during her show that the Italian fashion and media industries discovered that she does not exist.


Serpica Naro is an anagram for San Precario, the avatar saint representing the fast growing precarious class, and behind a series of very media-savvy protests staged in Italy in recent months.

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RIP Hunter S. Thompson

I first heard about it in an email from a london friend first thing this morning, then the news ricochetted across the walls of many a blog street I frequent: Hunter S. Thompson shoots himself dead.


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Tech 4 easing life (loop-mode)

From a recently perused white paper, freshly published it doesn't matter where:

"The user has already understood that this available technology can enable much more than just communication; a new brand of innovative services, not to say intelligent, is awaited as a mean to ease every day’s life."

Grand to see how our brave new tool-makers continue to embed mandalas of modernity in products that promise to wash whiter than white.

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Here & there

I'm on the move these days. Sorry for the extra-light blogging.


(Digital insect found here - via)

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Torture: the art piece


(muchas gracias a elastico!)

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Torture: the reality show

Who want to be a Guantanamo detainee?

"The Guantanamo Guidebook was made by Channel 4 using declassified documents about the US camp, producers said. The methods used on seven volunteers in the show included religious and sexual humiliation, forced nudity, sleep deprivation and extreme temperatures."


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Le lynx titanium



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Barcoding life (get 3 species for the price of 2)


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You have the right to play

You have the right to play.

A terribly simple concept and the oft-forgotten essence of Article 31 of The Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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Children of Iraq



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Growing up in Colombia's bad barrios

Martin Amis reports from the Colombian 'hood.

"Gang slang for a home-made gun is una pacha: a baby's bottle. The violence starts at once and never goes away. Kevin's scars are not at all disfiguring. He has an entry wound and an exit wound. His was easily the most hopeful story I heard in Cali. In general, you suspect, emotionally and psychologically there may be entry wounds, but there are no exit wounds."


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Super delicious gluebook


(To launch this cool collaborative gluebook project scroll half-way down the right-hand side of Blow your mind)

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The barbara & allen mash-up post


(images sourced here and here)

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Movable tale

He blogged silently across a post of nothingness, leaving no trackback trail.

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