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Metabiotica: The wonderful street art of Alexandre Orion.



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The eros of type (a brief history)



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Italian SMS tales

An Italian woman attempting suicide was saved just in time by the police, who were alerted by a friend who had received the woman's suicide note as an SMS.

Elsewhere in Italy, the thumb of a 14-year-old seized up, due to a case of acute tendinitis caused by texting over 100 SMS a day.

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The fashion photos of Eugenio Recuenco

If you enjoy the fringe regions of fashion photography, check out the work of Eugenio Recuenco.


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Life whispers

Life whispers its secrets to whoever is deaf to the white noise of existence.

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Sin is in


(Thanks to Melina Rodrigo for pointing me to her illustrations)

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Life and death in the technosphere

Do you welcome the birth of bio-robots?

"Tiny robots powered by living muscle have been created by scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles. The devices were formed by "growing" rat cells on microscopic silicon chips. Less than a millimetre long, the miniscule robots can move themselves without any external source of power."

Would you connect to a death-row cam?

"A prison in the Thai capital, Bangkok, is planning to broadcast inmates' daily lives, as well as their final moments before execution, live on the internet."

Do human-hair cacti dream of bald men?

"The cactus project is a transgenic artwork involving the fusion of human genetic material into the cactus genome resulting in the cactus expressing human hair."

(Found here, here, and here)

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Be a bee or live in a tree


(The Architecture of Density exhibition courtesy of Things, while The HangOut come
via MoCo LoCo)

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Nomad nodes

WiFi.Bedouin is an tech-art project that turns the wireless access paradigm on its head:

"WiFi.Bedouin is a wearable, mobile 802.11b node disconnected from the global Internet. It forms a WiFi "island Internet" challenging conventional assumptions about WiFi and suggesting new architectures for digital networks that are based on physical proximity rather than solely connectivity. Most significantly, WiFi.Bedouin facilitates the creation of a truly mobile web community."



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Brute! Propaganda

Brute! Propaganda - the artwork of Aidan Hughes winks a hip eye at comics, noir and futurism.



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Spot the sameness


"Defence attorney Guy Womack insisted a tether is a "valid tool", and denied that the photos depicted real abuse. He compared pictures of naked Iraqi prisoners in a human pyramid to cheerleaders at US sports events, who form pyramids "all over America". "Is that torture?" (he asked)"

(link and images from Shlonkom Bakazay?)

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Video eyewear


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No permit, no party

Elastico brings news of a border crossing guide for illegal immigrants published by the Mexican government. In comic form (see the "fotos" section in the right-hand column), the guide tackles desert crossings and police encounters. The caption to the last illustration is especially poignant: Evita las fiestas ruidosas, los vecinos pueden molestarse y llamar a la policía y puedes ser arrestado ("avoid noisy parties, the neighbours could get annoyed and call the police and you could be arrested"). To paraphrase an Italian TV ad, featuring Clooney and Paltrow and a famous alcohol brand: No permit, no party.


Although, if you read reports such as this one on casual foreign labour in England, there ain't much to party about.

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