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Hobbies for the 21st century: global-mobile traffic-watching

I had a blade runner yesterday, as I sat in the usability lab at work in the Milan hinterland talking UI, with the late morning sun streaming through the half-closed blinds of a window shaped like a flat plasma screen, and watched out the corner of my eye phosphorescent car lights stream down orange lava looking Kowloon roads and octopus flyovers streamed live in data roaming across the screen of a 3G phone, and thought that traffic in Hong kong didn't look too bad for a friday night.

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Hoy soy torero

I am large, I contain multitudes, an american poet once wrote, and today I say that I am a bullfighter standing proud against the obtuse bull of life, with a pasodoble running through my heart.


(images of toreros by Ruven Afanador)

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Augmenting the city goes beta commercial

Tag and scan (and grid blog the city!).

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Landmine detecting flowers (hippie GM?)

WorldChanging brings news that a Danish biodetection company has developed a flower genetically modified to change colour when in the presence of nitrogen dioxide (released in the soil by land mines).

I could not help but grin as my thoughts span out questioning my perception of GM, recalling the cyberflora in Jeff Noon's novels and having visions of a hippie dream revenge with flowers not in cannons but blossoming across landmine-infested fields and cluster bombs made of seeds. Savouring the taste of a technology shooting off in totally novel directions. Wondering if it is an early (lonely?) example of human-centred biodesign.


(image by the blogger)

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Pink tank

The Pink Tank: a London street-based art project, by Aleksandra Mir.


(via beyond the beyond)

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Stop the blog! boing boing comic quotation captured live here!


(found in miguel angel martin's surfing on the third wave comic series, in the italian translation published in the August 2002 print edition of Blue magazine).

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The man moveon.org supporters called hitler


(via spitting image)

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Raiding the 20th Century - a history of cutup

From Borroughs to b-boys & beyond & back, Raiding the 20th Century is, to put it succinctly, pure brilliance.

Layers of mash-up tracks and samples galore seamlessly stitched into 39.03 minutes of utter apology for bastard pop(sters) everywhere. Subtitled a history of cutup, Strictly Kev's tour de force is sophisticatedly streetwise in its academic intentions. It highlights through reinstatement and excitement the castration inflicted by copyright to the building blocks of our cultural conversation. It stresses the polished turn-of-phrase that can be articulated through our common artistic alphabet. It underlines the function of fun.

Raiding the 20th Century is like a 21st Century ragamuffin rewrite of T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land, penned with sound-editing software on a laptop somewhere in the global dystopia of the suburban or inner-city sprawl.

But f*~# my hyperbole, and perhaps take time to check this out.

(Yo! right click the mp3 links and "save target as..." - thanks to city of sound for sharing)

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[grid::ritual] drenched in rite

Like the allegorical Zen bucket that breaks bringing abrupt satori through the metaphorical flow of gushing water, I was drenched by the meaning of ritual one night in Seville - back in the early nineties - when I broke away from a delicious Cruzcampo beer and the sterile role of bemused spectator retrofitting maleficent KKK meaning to the hooded figures that kept marching past, and joined one of the many processions that fill the streets of the Andalucian capital during Easter week.

I walked behind a Madonna enveloped in flowers carried by passion-driven costaleros and in front of the band, with an unnatural gait and frequent stops and the heady, heavy smell of incense, the silence and the drums, the odd saeta sang from an iron-wrought balcony, the barefoot penitents, the tranquil trance induced by evaporating hours, the cobbled stones made soft and slippery from the dripping wax of uncountable candles, all the purple cloth, the orange and jasmine blossom, a merging of individualities and aching leg muscles and then, all of a sudden, I glimpsed the knowledge of rite and knew its feeling. Fleetingly.

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Happy is the sailor (a vertical triptych)


(thanks to conscientious for leading me these days to LaChapelle, cipango to Cadmus, and travelling breeze to Pierre et Gilles).

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Ripe for ritual?

I was driving through the rice fields of the plains of northern italy on my way to work this morning, looking out for the odd guy fishing for frogs in the narrow ditches lost in fog, and wondering what it was that I could not remember. Then, as a lonesome ray of sun sparkled off the corrugated iron of a tumbledown warehouse highlighting the decrepitude of Milan's hinterland, a furrow rippled across my forehead morphing into a silent exclamation: there's a grid::blog ripe for ritual on Jan. 15.

For all you sultry bloggers ready to rack the ritual in three days time, there's a topic-exchange page where you can post links to your entries, check out what others are writing and get your RSS feed, if you so desire (thanx Abe!).

Also, for future reference and easy search engine retrieval you might want to add this [grid::ritual] to your title.

Catch y'all on Thursday!

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Active slumming

Berlin: creativity in protest.


(Glowlab reports)

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The backpack monitor

Location free convergent broadband TV anyone?


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The back is not another metaphor (an orthopaedic haiku)

Aching back trapped
by laptop posture. A
bird flies south today.

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The backbone as light and other lamps

Sublimina: the ambient lighting of Beverly Tang.


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The back as corset and other fetishes

The photography of Perry Gallagher.


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Italy is having an Enron

Even long-life milk can go off: the crooked fall of the Parmalat empire.

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