SVK mementos

SVK - the comic written by Warren Ellis, illustrated by Matt "D'Israeli" Brooker, introduced by William Gibson, and masterminded by Berg - sold out in two days.

There's something wonderful in this. In a time when the printed object is being declared moribund, there are lessons hidden in this project that go deeper than the invisible ink the UV light reveals. Lessons on DIY and desire that sit sensorially at the intersection between digital and tangible, from a bunch of people that sit so far in the future they ponder the poetry of patina.

As brand head at INQ I played a walk-on part in the SVK project in the role of humble advertiser and grabbed the back cover. It's been a pleasure. One of my favourite mementos are these early notes taken by MJ.


And this is what it became - the final UV proof.


July 14, 2011 | 04:16 PM