Lunchtime walk around the RCA Battersea Show 2011

On my way to pick up some Singapore noodles with extra chillies from my local bento shop I stop off for a wander around the Battersea RCA end of year show. Lots to see. Some fresh and some a little more derivative. Overall, definitely worth a visit.

I stop and watch the video offerings by Kevin Gaffney and Justyna Kabala in the Testbed area.

I see Momus walk by outside, looking even cooler in the flesh. A couple of women dripping wealth are being shown around by some guy.

In the Sackler building I walk into one of the exhibition rooms in what looks like an office-inspired work with well curated eclectic knick-knacks and a young woman behind a desk at the far end. She asks me what I want. Lovely installation, I say. She tells me it's not part of the show, it's the office. Is her reply part of a performance piece?

In the sculpture building, I walk ambivalently through Edward Fornieles Animal House II (I think that was the name - a physical follow-up to this I believe).

Outside, the weather cannot make up its mind. I get my noodles and walk back to the office.

June 29, 2011 | 05:36 PM