Serpica Naro: the details

As my previous post on Serpica Naro was rather vague and hyperlinked to italian texts, here are more details of the prank played by the collective behind San Precario and Serpica Naro. The quotes that follow are taken from the press release/case study (available as a zipped PDF here - translation by the blogger):

"If San Precario represents the rebellion in us precarious (workers), then Serpica Naro will represent our style...

In a moment of collective ecstasy, perhaps enlightened by San Precario, we knew we could invent (her) and place (her) in the official circuit of "Milano Moda Donna".

Through our contacts we discovered that to take part a new designer needs to be approved by a commission. This involved presenting: a collection of clothes; a list of buyers; media reviews of the stylist's work; the trademark registration number; a VAT number and office address; 1850 euro to register at the chamber of commerce.

What we needed was: a credible style; the right website; a credible portfolio; a press office; (our) man in Havana who was actually in Tokyo; a lot of help from those working in the industry."

In a creationist fashion, the mythopoeia exports a six-day timeline for the set-up of this cultural confidence trick. A ficticious fashion gossip site was also launched to create interest in Serpica Naro and to draw in the press, while a gay exploitation scandal was spread by counterculture queer groups. Collaborating at the protest/show/happening were Yo Mango and the crew at Conscious Fashion Week.

March 01, 2005 | 12:46 PM