The art & politics of netporn (a conference)


Rekombinant points to the Institute of Network Cultures and its call for ideas for Art and Politics of Netporn, a conference to take place in Amsterdam next October.

"Netporn is an intricate fabrication of desires and mechanisms of repression. Scholars and artists are invited to take a position in this unprecedented gathering. We are looking for new openings, new definitions of pornography, based on multiple commentaries, porn theory as solo path or collaborative eroticism. Can we take a tactical media approach to netporn for belly wisdom and processing media histories? As Matteo Pasquinelli ponders in ‘Warporn Warpunk! Autonomous Videopoesis in Wartime,’ we now seek war and torture news as grinning monkey, as media makers, can we still nurture our inner beasts and media intellects? Many of us can speak of netporn, prone as we are to sexual teasers and marketing, but we want to read signs on the wall into deeper sites and economies, to frame attitudes and responses."

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December 10, 2004 | 04:58 PM