The politics of information (and some considerations on ebooks)

Thanks to neural, I've just dowloaded the politics of information: the electronic mediation of social change (PDF 2.2MB). A cursory glance at its contents and bylines seems to indicate a promising read.

On a more technical note, the web intro to the ebook also makes an interesting point on the medium adopted: "Unconstrained by the hidden assumptions of print publication, where discursive weight is too often held in check by the literal weight of a fixed edition, this critical e-book is unapologetic in its length, its scope, and its degree of engagement." This is all well and good, but I fear that what is unconstrained on one front, finds itself tightly bound on another. Which is to say: how do I free myself from the leggibility constraints implicit in a 392-page PDF? Do I attempt the gargantuan, expensive and wasteful action of printing it or do I just skim read certain items? Somehow, I have yet to get a handle on handling ebooks, aside from filing them away in my "PDF library" folder to gather digital dust.

March 08, 2004 | 04:39 PM