Grid blogging II - Ritual (a new invitation)

Following the positive feedback and the desire to continue with the grid blog project expressed by a variety of different quarters, it seems like the right time to gear up to a second grid blogging day. Erik of hypothemic proposed a couple of themes: "ritual" or "information", with the former being seconded by Jean of creativity machine. I must admit that I find "ritual" particularly appealing and believe it has the potential to generate some very interesting contributions. I also think that it combines and contrasts well with the previous "brand" theme.

To provide a similar gestation period to the first grid blog, I propose the 15 of January 2004 as the date for the [grid::ritual]. Once again, a topic exchange channel (like the one set up by Abe of abstract dynamics for [grid::brand]) will provide an easy way to give visibility to one's participation and will provide RSS and trackback functionality. And perhaps we can give this second grid blog a different twist, a different taste.

But I'll leave my considerations on possible evolutions/mutations of grid blogging to another post. For the time being I hope those that took part in the first event will find the new topic exciting, and join in again. Just as it would be great to see new blogs on the grid.

What do you think?

December 09, 2003 | 05:54 PM

Let the festivities begin. Mediaburn would love to continue with [grid::ritual] . Thanks to Abe for the RSS feed.

Posted by: Gary at December 9, 2003 06:10 PM

Hello All!

I am very excited about what happened with the first grid blog experiment. "Ritual" sounds great as a second grid blog theme to me.
I am in for 15 th jan. 2004.

ps: since my blog is in Slovenian language iam postin here a English translation of my post for all to read. It's taken from an interview i made with Brian Holmes titled "Changing the very logic of communication" a few weeks ago, for a Slovenian art magazine.

Here it is:

Oliver Vodeb: At the Next 5 Minutes tactical media festival, in September in Amsterdam, one of the very interesting things was the strategic debate about the current situation and future of the global independent media network Indymedia ( To me, it was very interesting to see the fear of the Indymedia people that they have become a brand in the corporate sense. In the perspective of an independent media network, such as Indymedia, how important is the process of "branding"? By that I mean the tactical communication of the organization's symbolic capital in a direction of self-deconstruction, and with that, the creation of the necessary critical distance of one's own audience towards one's own medium. All this with the purpose of stimulating the audience's critical perspective.

Brian Holmes: You said it! But everything you just described has just about nothing to do with the established practices of branding, which constructs identities, statistical targets, knee-jerk populations. The woman at the N5M tactical festival had who proposed branding Indymedia had worked for big NGOs like Greenpeace, and that was her argument, bigger is better. Impose a clear identity to get the job done. But the big NGOs have become a kind of counter-example. What is now clear to many is that under neoliberal governance, volunteer organizations are called into disaster areas to do the social work that the corporations don't want to pay for. Though some people within the humanitarian NGOs themselves are quite critical of this, their organizational form and the scales at which they operate make national and international agencies their only real partner. And so they are caught within the form of transnational governance that capital has done so much to create. I mean no harm to the people who tend the world's wounds, but I do believe that if we ever want to get out of this damaging model of predatory globalization, if we ever want to bring back a notion and a realization of substantial equality - the right to food, health care, education, livelihood, and simply to peace - then we have to change the fundamental conditions of statistically averaged communication, which has proven its ability to successfully reproduce exactly the current form of society. A society that includes people only as passive consumers - of charity or whatever - while it simultaneously excludes other people as no more than trash. How do you resist the very logic of that society? Indymedia is an experiment with the network structure, seeking to institute the possibility and reality of directly political relations between individuals and small groups, at what was formerly considered a "massive" scale. This in itself will hardly solve all the problems; but it may provide many people with a way back into social and political involvement and a public dimension of existence, from which all but the managerial classes are now deliberately alienated. That's why I'd say that one of the stupidest proposals I've heard in my entire life is that of branding Indymedia.

Posted by: Oliver at December 9, 2003 10:26 PM


Thanks for the translation of your [grid::brand] post. Holmes' comments made for an interesting read.

Posted by: ashley benigno at December 10, 2003 10:45 AM

sounds good to me. :)

nice break between semesters will allow for more time to write up something better than before.

Posted by: erik at December 10, 2003 07:30 PM

What an interesting topic! Count me in.

Posted by: Elizabeth at December 18, 2003 01:01 PM

The Count is in.

Jan 15 2004...[grid::ritual]. Let The Count know on the sign in site (RSS FEED and the like...)

Posted by: The Count at January 2, 2004 05:52 AM

Count me in, again.

Posted by: claire at January 4, 2004 06:24 AM

Weeeee! Oh goody! Another one!

(loosely translated that means count me in)

Posted by: Trillian at January 6, 2004 08:25 PM

very excited...will do it!

Posted by: Stephanie Nilsson at January 9, 2004 12:21 PM

Great idea. Count me in

Posted by: Mark at January 9, 2004 01:59 PM

Let me get one thing straight before Thursday:

We take the topic and interpret it in any way, shape, or form our minds can comprehend, then post it in our blog and report to the RSS Feed when we're ready?

E-mail me if i'm correct on this....

Posted by: The Count at January 13, 2004 01:22 AM

great to see this happening again. I have suggested a practical and spiritual life ritual as my contribution on my blog.

Posted by: steve at January 14, 2004 10:27 PM

I missed the first grid blog. Glad to have made a contribution this time around. Thanks for the replay. Hope this becomes a regular event.

Posted by: Farrary at January 16, 2004 04:23 AM