The glue books of Feike Kloostra

From the early avant-garde of the Twentieth Century, via pop art and punk, collages (perhaps the first post-modern art form?) have provided a visual thread to the (de)construction of mass and personal imagery. This tradition continues with the ultra-cool glue books of Feike Kloostra:


(via the Wooster Collective)

September 02, 2003 | 05:58 PM

Surely collages, since they were invented around 1908 (arguably much earlier), must be by definition "modern." Or perhaps contemporary collage only *looks* like traditional Modern collage as practiced by Picasso, Ernst, etc.

Besides, if there's any word that's lost all meaning through over-use, it's "post-modern."

Posted by: andrew at September 17, 2003 04:16 PM