Questions from Iraq

In today’s Independent there is an article that questions the events that are unfolding in a “liberated” Iraq. It asks questions involving the destruction of a nation’s cultural heritage, the looting of its archeological treasures, the burning of its archives. It asks questions about what is being done to track down and bring to trial those responsible for torture and murder under Saddam’s regime:

“I have been to many of (the torture chambers). But there is no evidence even that a single British or US forensic officer has visited the sites to sift the wealth of documents lying there or talk to the ex-prisoners returning to their former places of torment. Is this idleness. Or is this wilful?… Iraqis are right to ask why the Americans don't search for this information, just as they are right to demand to know why the entire Saddam cabinet – every man jack of them – got away.”

The article is written by Robert Fisk, one of the very few (if not the only) western reporters on the field to provide a different perspective from the official version provided elsewhere by the Anglo-American media. An award-winning journalist, he has been covering the Middle East for the last 23 years. His writing is passionate, never sanitized. Whatever your views on (this) war, to follow the dictum of technology journalist Dan Gilmor (“If you want to be informed, roam widely. Watch and read things that support your own beliefs. Then look for commentary and data that don't. It's all out there”) I strongly suggest you check out his archives here.

And then take the time to read the harsh condemnation of the war by John Pilger.

April 17, 2003 | 02:13 PM