Displacement (pt. 2)

Via noborder network comes news of Go NoGo The Frontiers of Europe, a photo exhibition (currently on show in Amsterdam) depicting the attempts by economic migrants and refugees to break-in to fortress Europe. Photographer Ad van Denderen captures the landings in Andalucia, those that have been captured by police and immigration officers, those on the run, those running towards a dream, the smiles, the buzz, the horror, the poverty of ramshackle dwellings, the hole in barbed wire at Callais, the refugee camps in Turkey, the Greek-Albanian border. On the website there are 107 photos looped in a Flash slide show - the images reek of empathy and despair and hope, redolent of a battered humanity, they stink of the foulness of poverty. Ultimately powerful and bloody beautiful, they leave a scent of resistance and the aroma of the will to overcome.

April 26, 2003 | 09:40 PM